Transformative solutions for better healthcare

Health care decision makers worldwide are searching for innovative solutions that improve patient care while reducing costs.

Many have discovered that life sciences companies in Ontario offer the right expertise and technologies at competitive pricing.

How we offer transformative solutions in health care:

Meeting the needs of health care providers worldwide

Made-in-Ontario medical technologies are strictly regulated by Health Canada.

Many Ontario companies provide customer service in multiple languages. Ontario is one of the world’s most diverse societies where more than 150 languages are spoken, which makes communication and technical support seamless.

Image representing $8.6 billion in exports and $1.45 billion in medical devices

A source for next generation discoveries

Ontario is home to world-renowned research centres, internationally respected scientists and a broad life sciences industry with 1,900 companies  that range from innovative technology firms to niche market leaders.

Leading firms include Unitron, whose hearing aids are sold in more than 40 countries, Trudell Medical International, whose aerosol drug delivery devices are used in 110 countries, and iNTERFACEWARE, whose industry-leading data integration software has helped more than 800 healthcare organizations worldwide.

Innovation is in our DNA

Ontario companies have a long history of medical discovery and innovation. It’s where insulin and the gene that causes cystic fibrosis were discovered. It’s also where the world’s first external artificial pacemaker, artificial cornea, artificial kidney, antibody-coated stent and advanced 3-D imaging techniques were developed.

Today, the innovation spotlight focuses on cancer and genomic research, pharmaceuticals and lab-on-a-chip devices, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, e-health and assistive technologies which are helping healthcare providers worldwide deliver better patient care.

Some examples:

  • The Ionics Mass Spectrometry Group’s revolutionary rugged, compact, easy-to-service mass spec has won fans on three continents.
  • E-Sight Eyewear’s groundbreaking wearable assistive device is helping people with low vision to see.
  • Therapure Biopharma is taking innovative approaches to treatments for liver cancer, anemia and hepatitis C.

Competitively low prices stretch health care budgets

Research, medical device, pharmaceutical and bio-medical manufacturing costs are more competitive in Canada than in any G7 nation. Secondly, for many international customers, free trade agreements currently in place with 16 countries  provide economical costs by reducing or eliminating tariffs. Additionally, the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar against many major currencies favours international buyers.

Research and bio-medical manufacturing costs are more cost effective in Canada than in any G7 nation.

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