Innovative solutions for global challenges

Ontario’s clean tech companies are helping organizations and communities around the world implement effective, efficient solutions to tough environmental challenges.

How our clean tech solutions are addressing global needs:

Providing expertise and technologies across the eco-spectrum

Over the past decade, Ontario has emerged as a North American leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, integrating green energy into the power grid, improving water infrastructure and exploring bio-economy opportunities.

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium, for example, provides companies with access to a huge, sophisticated testbed along the Grand River watershed complete with extensive real-time data capture and assessment platforms for validating new technologies. And WaterTAP supports the creation of innovative water technology for market in Ontario and the world.

Today, Ontario’s environmental and clean tech sector has grown to 5,000 firms with expertise in clean water and air purification technologies, green energy generation and management, laboratory testing and environmental assessment services, and a wide range of other specializations.

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Global leaders and amazing start-ups

TrojanUV, a global leader in water filtration and treatment equipment, and Canadian Solar , a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and photovoltaic solar power systems in 24 countries, are just two of Ontario's best known clean tech companies.

Start-ups gaining a lot of attention include Hydrostor, which recently activated the world’s first utility-scale underwater compressed air energy storage system, and Lystek International , whose process for converting biosolids to biofertilizer is helping a growing list of North American municipalities turn landfill problems into new revenues sources.

Advanced technologies at globally competitive costs

Canadian companies enjoy the lowest costs among their G7 competitors for R&D, software development and advanced manufacturing. Canada also has free trade agreements in place with more than 16 countries, which can significantly reduce tariffs and duties. In addition, the current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar against many major currencies favours international buyers.

Image indicating that foreign customers are buying Ontario's clean technology solutions worth $1 billion a year

Offering world class customer service in any language

Sustainable clean tech solutions often lead to long-term business relationships. Ontario is a diverse, multicultural society where more than 150 languages are spoken. People from all over the world work in our clean tech companies.

At the forefront of clean tech innovation

With a record of technology innovations that includes developing the first Geographic Information System (GIS) software and two of the most widely-used water remediation technologies — UV treatment and membrane filtration — Ontario has an impressive history of developing high-impact innovations for the clean tech industry.

Today, Ontario researchers are pushing the boundaries of advanced photovoltaics, bio-refining, hydrogen technologies, watershed science, wind engineering and other fields to develop the next generation of clean, green technologies.

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